Monday, April 14, 2014

Sam's Club-Salt Lake City...better than expected

I gotta admit, I was excited about jumping back into the BBQ contest world but it's been since July 2013 since we competed in a full 4 meat contest.  We've cooked quite a bit but we haven't really practiced for competition.  Last month we competed in two rib only contests...doing well in one and tanking the other.  
We loaded up the trailer, picked up our meat, packed personal stuff and hit the road.  We traveled to Cedar City Thursday evening to spend the night instead of getting up a O'dark thirty and driving 450 miles.  This worked well and I think we'll do it again.  It was nice to not be so tired come Saturday at turn in time.  
We set up the Trailhound camp and settled in. Satisfied Hogs were next to us.  This time they brought Dutchess...the weiner dog.  What a cutie pie she is...can't believe I didn't get a picture of her.  
Squat & Gobble were on the next aisle...such great folks 
R&R (our first mentors) hosted an IMBBQA dinner Friday night at their site.  
We have a check list, we checked it, we forgot stuff...important stuff...ingredients for ribs, chicken, and brisket.  Yes, this was definitely the first full contest of the year.  I improvised and whipped up an injection for the pork with what we had available.  Ribs and brisket just didn't their ingredients.  

I thought my chicken was pretty good, I was pleased with the trimming, thought it looked and tasted good, we didn't forget any stuff for it so I thought it might be our best category.  Judges didn't think so...finished with a 20th placement.  
No call in ribs, finished 24th...apparently we need to work on ribs at the moment.  
We weren't expecting to hear our name in pork; after all, we forgot the injection.  There's a new rule for pork this year.  You can remove the money muscle from the butt so what the heck, let's give that a try.  It sliced better this time around I think, maybe a bit dark though.  Overall, I thought the box looked good.  We're thankful the judges liked it and we took 2nd place!  Now to remember what I put in the impromptu injection.  lol
Last but not least...brisket.  The first one we sliced didn't have the flavor we were hoping for.  Thankfully, the second one was on point and flavorful.  For the last couple of years, brisket has been our strong meat...and this year is starting off that way...2nd place call!  
By the grace of God we managed to place 6th overall.  I'm not sure we cooked well enough but I'm not a judge to make that final decision.  Thankfully, we are moving on to the next round...regionals in Las Vegas!  Congrats to R&R for walking in all four categories and placing 1st for GC.  We also want to congratulate Satisfied Hogs for their 3rd place walk for ribs.  They have been on a roll in the last 4 events in that category.  
Here are a few more photos to share from the event.  
Kim and Jason (Satisifed Hogs) 
One of the R&R boys 
Half Baked Hippies...what a wild looking set up! 
Mack (Got Smoke) working hard. 
Timm cutting ribs to see which ones we like best. 
Thanks to Troy Black, Sam's Club and all their sponsors, and to our new meat sponsor, John Mull's Meats and the Road Kill Grill.  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Smokey Hayes Rib Contest

Next event up of the schedule....Smokey Hayes BBQ Rib Contest in Laughlin, NV.  It's just a short two hours from home on the banks of the Colorado River at the Pioneer Club Hotel and Casino.  
There will be vendors and contestants so there will be lots to see and do while you're there. 
People's Choice Rib Tasting begins at 1:00 pm Saturday.
We hope to do well as the last one...that would be awesome.  
Here is the link to get all the info:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring BBQ benefiting Operation BBQ Relief

For the last few years we''ve hosted a Spring BBQ at our home, inviting family, friend and co-workers.  This year we were blessed with amazing weather for the event.  The wind stopped, and we enjoyed a warm sunny day.
Our boys came around 11:00 pm to start prepping the pig.  Our friend, Jason also came over to get his hands on some pig prep.   It cooked twelve hours and turned out amazing.  People really get a kick out of it.  
It turned out great! 
My dad is official pig carver.  He loves chatting with ever
yone as they get some delicious pork.
Eighty two people came to enjoy a great BBQ meal and donate for the cause.  No one went home fact, many took home extra food for another meal.
We still have some donations coming in, then we'll be sending a nice donation to Operation BBQ Relief. For those who don't know about them, please go check them out at 
Huge thank yous to all who donated to this worthy cause.  

Monday, March 3, 2014


We traveled in pouring rain, but once we got to Bullhead City, AZ it had pretty well stopped.  We just had some strong winds until midnight or so.  Saturday turned out to be a pretty day. 
Adam's team "Stoked to Smoke" competed in their first contest on their own, he did a great job and finished 10th.  That's fantastic for his first time out.   

We finished in 2nd place...our first RCG!!  It was only ribs this time around.  We tried a new recipe and I seems the judges liked it.  I think they turned out pretty.  

We sold off the balance of our ribs for people's choice and ran out in 28 minutes.  Next time I'll know to cook more but with rain the forecast I wasn't sure how many to cook.  

Friday, February 28, 2014

Sweet Pete's Best Racks on the River

We're off to our first contest of the year!  It's been a long time since we actually competed so it will be nice to only have one meat to concentrate on...and it's only 2 hours away.  
It's gonna rain but we've got some great rain gear and canopy so we'll be fine. Hoping to take home some of the prize money on this one.  There will also be food sampling so I hope folks come out despite the weather.  Half of the sampling money goes to a great cause...firefighter charities, the other half goes to the teams.  
Take a nice drive, come out to see us, eat some great ribs, and enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our first event of the year

Y'all come on down to the river for some tasty ribs!  Bullhead is just a hop, skip and a jump from Las's just across the river from Laughlin.  
This is our first contest of the year...a good one to get our feet wet since it's been quite a while as far as competing goes.  Take the short ride, enjoy some tasty ribs, support a local charity...take a day trip and get out of the house.  
Tasting tickets are just $2 each with half coming back to the teams and the other half goes to support the Bullhead City Firefighters Charities.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hitting the BBQ Trail

It's official!  We signed up for the 1st round of events for the Sam's Club National BBQ Tour.  Salt Lake City will be our destination in April to compete in the local event.  We've been wanting to get up there for quite some time now to see friends, visit their new restaurant, etc.  
Last year, we didn't register for the whole Sam's Club thing.  In 2012, we made it all the way to the finals in Bentonville, Arkansas and were blessed to finish 6th in brisket and 6th overall.  It would be awesome if that were the case again this year.  We'll see.  There are so many variables that come into play.  It will be an adventure we look forward to.