Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Barbecue Contest Full of Firsts!

It really was a weekend of firsts...1st year for this contest, our 1st IBCA contest, our 1st first place in any category, and our first GC.
We had a great time in Logandale at the Fall Festival and IBCA BBQ contest.  Friday night local kids and their parents came out to Trunk or Treat.  Lots of kids, fun costumes, and candy.  There was a carnival, craft show and lots of good times to be had.  
This was our first IBCA sanctioned contest.  There are a few differences like turn in times are one hour apart instead of 30 minutes with 20 minute turn-in windows instead of 10 minutes.  It was really pretty relaxing, giving us time to socialize more.  
We had a great cook!  We walked in every three in every category in fact.  We are pleased to receive our very first Grand Champion placement!  That's right...GC!
We feel very blessed.
We are also so proud of Adam and his mom,Jackie with Stoked to Smoke.  He walked every category and received his first Reserve Grand Champion!  
Nevada BBQ Association members had great results at this contest.  Six teams competed and all six teams got several calls.  Congrats to Swine Thyme USA, SCORCH, BBQ Nerds, Butts and Racks, Stoked to Smoke and ourselves, Trailhound Smokers BBQ.
Congrats to everyone!