Friday, February 3, 2012

BBQ4kids...Mesa AZ

In December, we headed back to Arizona to compete in our last contest of the year.  Tommy from Whiskey Ranch was hosting the back-to-back event at Bass Pro Shops in Mesa, AZ.  Since it was the Santa's Winter Wonderland in Bass Pro, I decorated for the occasion, and the weather was awesome!
It was just Timm and I this time around.  I actually took over most of the chicken instead of just being an assistant and dishwasher.   We visited BBQ Island and bought some of those disposable cutting boards...great investment.  We highly recommend them.

I really want to commend Tommy and his crew, they were on top on everything.  They made the rounds picking up trash bags, delivering ice and water, and just making sure everyone was taken care of.  And another good thing...awards ceremonies started on time. 
We tried a couple of new things at this event, the biggest of them being an entire new recipe for pork.  Much to our amazment and joy, we finished in 2nd place with it on the first go-round.  Needless to say, we decided to try it again the next day...and with great results as well.
This was our first back-to-back event and we really thought we'd be exhausted the second day.  I'm happy to report to the contrary.  It was way easier than we both thought.  We will definitely be doing more of them...more bang for your buck when it comes to travel expenses, and another great can make little changes and see the results immediately.

We came home with some pretty nice hardware as you can see.  We were pleased with the outcome of these events. 
Big hugs and thank-yous to Scott and Bekke with Little Miss BBQ.  Not only are they great friends, but they insisted on having us spend the night at their home afterwards.  Thanks guys!  They have the cutest little fur ball of a dog, Yager.

Our scores:
Saturday, Decmeber 10, 2011
Chicken   11th
Ribs         34th  :0(
Pork         2nd
Brisket     35th  :o(
Overall    26th

Sunday, December 11, 2011:
Chicken    17th
Ribs          2nd  ;0) sweet redemption
Pork          7th
Brisket      21st  ;o) ditto
Overall     7th

Tasty's all good!!!