Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pictures from Mesquite

A few pics to share from Smokin' in Mesquite. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Smokin' in Mesquite

Another year of Smokin' in Mesquite BBW Championship is in the books.  No storms that brought rain, hail, or strong winds, no excessive heat warning, just calm, really warm...ok, hot weather this year.  This was our first time to compete here, we could've last year but writing the check for the entry fee was just too hard.  Yes, you have to put out money to get money, but we had that whole transmission thing happening last year too. 
Friday, we checked in, got the toy hauler set up with water and power.  Dad hauled the pit out for us.  Seriously, I think it made his day.  After all that, we had lunch at one of the Mexican restaurants before Dad and Nelson went home.  We met up with other BBQ teams to catch up on the latest.  Congrats to Little Miss BBQ...they're pregnant!  The 'Jack' draw was announced and several teams we know will be making the trek, including R&R, Rythym & Que, Smoked to the Bone, Whiskey Ranch and more.  I think there were 12-13 teams competing here that are going to the Jack.  We had dinner with Little Miss and Rod from R&R Friday was a hoot.
I have to say, this was a very relaxed cook for us.  The pit was maintaining temperatures really well, there was no wind to contend with, it was really warm but tolerable, the meats were cooking right along.  We were really pleased with all the entries we turned in.  The chicken and ribs were incredible...not to brag, but they were really good.  The ribs probably could have cooked 15 minutes longer to tenderize a tiny bit more.  Pork tasted good, but presentation is still difficult.  Brisket was delicious.  Nelson and Chris ran turn-in boxes for us.
After turn-ins, clean up seems to be quick.  I try to clean all the way thru instead of having a huge mess at the end.  Thanks to Mom, Dad, Nelson and Chris for helping out.  We really apreciate it. 
Timm had a few co-workers stop by to show support.  We always appreciate our friends coming out to see us.  In fact, Ray and Dan stayed for the awards.
We got a 5th place chicken call....WooHoo!!!  Totally excited about that one.  Ribs tanked at least we had a few teams behind us on that one.  They were really good too!!!  Seriously...I think we got a bad table of judges.  Pork received 28th, and brisket got a 22nd spot.  Overall, we ranked 26th...dang ribs. Congrats to Smoke on Wheels for Grand Champion and Rythym & Que for Reserve Grand Champion.   Little Miss BBQ took first in ribs...way to go!!!!!  We're so excited for you.
Oh, we finished 7th in the Nevada State Championship.  It's an accumulation of the two events held in Nevada.  Congrats to All Sauced Up for taking that one. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tommy VS Jen

Here is an article about Tommy and Jennifer Duncan, their BBQ teams and Jen coming back to defend last year's win at Smokin' in Mesquite.