Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tom's Farms Wild West BBQ Showdown

We kicked off our year with smoke...BBQ smoke!  We traveled across the border into California to attend the Wild West BBQ Showdown in WIldomar, CA.  Now for any of you that know Timm, know that California is not his favorite place by any means.  It was a back to back contest...the last one of 2010, and the first one of 2011.  Most teams competed in both events, a us, competed in just one.  Teams came from as far as Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois to compete.  Many big name teams were there including the Godfather of BBQ, Johnny Triggs (He's such a neat guy), All Sauced Up, Rhythm & Que, and Slap Yo' Daddy. 
We drove down and set up on Friday for the first event of 2011.  It was a much easier drive than expected...but we did re-route our trip and stay off of I-15 for the holiday weekend.  It was our first competition by ourselves, our boys nor my parents were there to help and give moral support.  We were on our own.  I have to admit its easier with a 3rd person.  We enjoyed pleasant days but oh so chilly night temperatures, 26 was the low temp I believe. 
Timm did an excellent job with our new pit,  and many folks stop to look at and talk to Timm about the axe handles, etc.   It was a busy place both days.  We were placed next to Pork U from St. Goerge and it was nice to get to know them better.  The folks from Rib Ticklers had the place to be to party.  They had laser lights, music, dancing and more.  We tried to sleep a bit New Year's Eve but there really wasn't much of that happening.  The seats of the truck are not nearly as comfortable to sleep in as they are to sit in. 
We encountered a few difficulties.  Our cook schedule was off by 1/2 hour.  We started our cook a 1/2 hour early due to cold weather.  Meats cooked faster than expected so they were done quicker.  All of these things made for our stuff being done way ahead of time.  The turn-in in boxes were larger than normal and I think we cut our brisket just a bit to narrow. 
We want to thanks the guys from R&R BBQ, Roger ended up visiting the event so we got to see him Friday before we began our cook.  Rod gave us lots of input and advice via cellphone.  They have been really good to us and we bought out new pit from Rod.  
Here is Timm and the guys from Pork U...representing IMBBQA.  We ended up finishing 36th overall with our best showing in pork of 27th.  Not bad for our 2nd KCBS contest.