Tuesday, June 29, 2010

getting ready

The pit and most of the gear is loaded in the trailer.  Still need to add a few things.  The toy hauler is getting loaded...haven't done that in a while it seems.  The banners look fantastic!  We are so pleased with them.  Wish we had team shirts but that will be new next time around.  Taking two vehicles on this trip, we'll be staying a few extra days while the kids bring the BBQ stuff home with them at the end of the event.  Getting excited!  If you want to find cooler weather and something to do, head over to Williams AZ for a 4th of July BBQ competition and stop to see us and say hello.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Official Logo

Well, here it is...our official logo.  I think it looks awesome!  Ken over at Biz-Goods did a superb job!
This is the banner we're getting.  It measures 3'x9' with a black background.  It is going to look so awesome at our booth. 
Again, thanks Ken!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Working on a logo

Since Memorial Day weekend we've been working on a logo for our team.  Our original thoughts were to have Timm and Cassy on his ATV pulling the pit with smoke coming out the stacks.  They are, afterall, trailhounds.  Then it started getting complicated, thinking about putting the state of Nevada in the background, and more. Instead we've decided to go with a 'Vegas sign' style design instead.  Scott's friend, Ken has been working with us and it's looking 'fabulous'   This is what we have so far.  Looks so much better than the original drawing...which was okay, but these guys are graphic designers, making it look great. What do you think so far? 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's HOT!

Summer has officially arrived in Las Vegas.  On Saturday, Timm cooked up 100 pounds of beef and pork for a co-worker's daughter's graduation party.  Our atomic clock read 113 in the shade at one point...I hope it wasn't entirely didn't feel quite that hot.  It's not really made for the outdoors so I hope it was just having a fit. 
Anyway, the meat turned out great.  Co-worker sent the Grandpas over to help pull it and take it home...big help.  We showered and cleaned up and went to enjoy the party.  There were lots of compliments on the meat, even from folks we didin't know. The grad thanked us several times. 

Hey, I just thought about it...this is our first catering job!  lol