Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Schedule

We saw some friends as we were leaving our favorite Mexican restaurant tonight and they asked, "Where are you going to be for your next contest?  Is it listed on your site?"  Well, duh...why didn't we think of that.  So here is what's goin' on in our little corner of the BBQ world.

May 7th -  Sam's Club BBQ Challenge- Regionals
                 Sam's Club on Craig & Lossee, Las Vegas NV
                 (We will be judging this event)
May 13-15  -  YCCA BBQ Cook-Off and Home & Garden Show
                 3201 Main Street, Prescott AZ

May 20-22  -  USA Barbecue Championship
                 Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas NV
                This event will include a Rib-fest...come on out!

May 27-28  -  Best Dam BBQ Challenge
                Boulder City NV

June 10-11  -  Smoke on the River
                Heber City, UT

As you can see, we will be busy little BBQ beavers.  Come by and show your support, we'll have samples for you.  ;o)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Logo plate added...

Timm and Chris added a metal plate to the smoker this weekend.  The next step is to get our logo printed onto vinyl and backed with a magnetic sheet.  This way it can be taken off to clean the pit, place onto the truck or whatever.   It probably should have had two center points of contact so it would curve a bit smoother...but it's on there now and I don't think many will notice once it's painted and the logo added.  Chris thanks for welding for us.