Monday, May 27, 2013

9th overall in Best Dam BBQ

Best Dam BBQ is in the books.  It was a great weekend, the weather was pleasant, we had great neighbors, and we came out of it with a decent placement.  
Although the chicken had great flavor, it was too dark.
The ribs were tasty for sure. 
I gotta say, the pork was amazing!  We changed up the recipe on it this time and I think its a keeper. 
As far as brisket goes, it was way too peppery for my taste but it was our highest placing category.  It was a thinner brisket than I normally like to use. 
Scott and Christy came out to help.  They helped out with the NVBBQA potluck Friday night and came back out on Saturday.  Christy ran all the boxes for me...such a big help!  Scott and Timm watch the pit and the meat.  Thank you so much you guys!
I painted up a few signs for the event.  Didn't sell many, but that's okay.  They'll be on Etsy this week.  
Cassy loves on daddy while waiting for awards.  She is such an awesome dog and mascot.  
Devil Pups did an amazing job once again.  
I think one of the most exciting things I am happiest about all weekend is the 2nd place call in ribs for Satisfied Hogs!  They also got 6th in brisket.  They finished just in front of us in 8th place.  We're so proud of them.  
We were pleased with our results.  
9th overall
We decided to donate our winnings to Operation BBQ Relief.  It's something we really feel good about and we know it will do lots of good in the Moore, OK area. 

Nevada BBQ Association was well represented.  We had a great time with many of them on our row.  Timm got to visit with many of the teams, I tend to stick close to our site.  
Hats off to Kathy Hicks and her team at the Rotary Club.  They put on a fabulous event that has really grown since she has been in charge.  We look forward to next year's event!

Memorial Day

As most of us gather for a barbecue, remember those that sacrificed so we are able to so.
Happy Memorial Day.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Operation BBQ Relief deploys to Moore Oklahoma

The devastation of tornadoes hitting the midwest is almost impossible to comprehend...especially for someone like me that has never really been through anything sooooo devastating and scary..  People in Moore OK have been practically wiped off our map with a huge tornado with winds in excess of 200 miles per hour.
Operation BBQ Relief is deploying Tuesday morning to Moore OK to help feed the victims, first responders and other volunteers that are also heading to the area to help out however they can.  Operation BBQ Relief is a non-profit 501-3c corporation that started in 2011 when they gave food and aid to Joplin MO.  You can help them by making a donation of any amount you can spare...every little bit helps.  They will be there for weeks to come.  If you are near enough or just feel the need to help out even more, contact them  about being there on the ground to help cook for the thousands of people that will need to be fed.  
Prayers are needed...pray for all the victims of these recent tornadoes, pray for the first responders, pray for all the volunteers.  
Also, please go donate blood.  It will be in high demand as victims go through surgeries and recovery. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Armed Forces Day

Thank you 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Where are we next?

Good question...haven't really been anywhere since January but it's starting to wind up for the next few months. 
 Memorial Day weekend we are sticking close to home, we'll be in Boulder City NV for the Best Dam BBQ Challenge.  Turn ins are Saturday starting at noon.  There's lots to do at this one with a kid zone play area, kids 'que contest, a new marketplace (vendors) and more.  We hope for better results this year than the last.  

 Just a couple of weeks later on June 14 & 15 we'll be in Williams AZ for the Northern Arizona Barbeque Festival.  This is another great contest.  They have people's choice tasting at this contest and it's a big hit with the crowd.  I love this area of the country.  

July 12th & 13th takes us to Arizona once again, this time a bit further to Holbrook AZ.  Whiskey Ranch Pro BBQ Series is hosting the Ace in the Hole BBQ Throwdown.
I think its awesome how small communities get behind these contests and make them successful.  This one is tied in with a fair as well.  It's right on I-40 and historic Route 66 runs right through town (just like Williams AZ).  There's a people's choice at this one as well but we donate our meats to the local food bank instead like we did last year.  
There's nothing on the calendar (as of now) for August.  We'll have to see how we'll do in Boulder.  The overall outcome there will be the deciding factor if we go to Mesquite or not for Labor Day weekend.  We hope to see y'all at one or two of these events.  Be sure to stop and say hello and taste a sample or two.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Martin Harris Company Picnic 2013

We had the honor of cooking for the Martin Harris picnic this year. In January, we catered lunch for one of the jobsites and they loved it.  We were asked to cook for the entire company...what an honor! Original numbers were +/300 but quickly grew to almost 500.  That's a whole lotta hungry bellies!

We served up freshly made Coleslaw, Trailhound Beans, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and Beef Brisket.  We also cooked up Nathan's all beef hot dogs and chips. 
We cooked 22 pork butts,
16 beef briskets,
80 pounds of homemade coleslaw, 
about 300 hotdogs
and lots of beans.
We called in the troops (family) to help us.  We can't thank them enough for all their help.  Mom, Dad, Nelson and Donny, along with Chris, Scott, and Christy all came out to lend a hand and did an amazing job!  We're getting great feedback from many. 
Thank you for letting us spread our wings and feed a great crowd of folks.  We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity.  


Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Day of Prayer

Please take a few moments to pray for our nation.  Pray that our leaders would be surrounded by wise council and that wise council would be used in making decisions for America.
Pray for our troops...that they may have the resources they need to do the jobs that must be done, pray for their safety, pray for their support.  
Pray that our economy to improve, to put our citizens back to work, to reduce the number of people on public assistance, that they may work to support themselves.
Pray that we take pride in America, stand up for what is right, to bring America back to a place of morality and sensibility that has been missing for a long time.
Pray for peace. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

National Barbecue Month

Time has been flying this year faster than ever.  Well, now its May 1st and you know what that means...yup, you guessed it.  May is National Barbecue Month!  Let me hear you shout it to the heavens, it's okay to give a cheer.  
We're kicking off May with a bang.  The first weekend of the month we're cooking for Martin Harris' company barbecue.  It's our biggest cook ever and we're calling in the troops (family) to help out on this one.  I need to get a practice cook in on chicken for sure because the last weekend in May is the Best Dam BBQ Challenge in Boulder City and I definitely want to finish better than I did last year.
We were referred by a friend to cook for a graduation party mid month.  Working with them right now to meet their needs. 

On the competition front, things are a little slow.  Some of the contests we wanted to participate in this year have been cancelled or changed dates and we are already booked on the new weekends.   On a good note, several have been added in the last few weeks and looks like we'll be able to go to some of them.  After our monster cook this weekend I'll get a schedule updated.  In the meantime, get out there and create some of good smelling smoke and fire on the pit or grill!