Sunday, October 31, 2010

The New Smoker

Trailhound Smokers BBQ is now the proud owner of an East Texas Smokers RK250.  We were going to purchase a new one and have to make a run to Texas to pick it up.  Instead, we purchased Rod Livingstone's (R&R BBQ) smoker since he was purchasing the same model on a bigger trailer.  It worked out well for all parties.  Rod brought it down to Cedar City, Timm cooked on it the same day at the competiton and took 2nd in ribs.  It must be a lucky smoker, it was Trailhound's first walk. 
He's been cleaning it up inside and out, added a new grate to the firebox, and making a list of what he wants to do to it.  Modify...but be a guy thing.  He always makes pokes fun at the boys for wanting to modify everything...and he is doing the same thing.  Boys will be boys I guess.  Anyway, there will be welding done next weekend. 
Cooking 4 racks of baby back ribs and a pork butt today to get in some practice.  Trying some cherry wood we also got from Rod.  So much better than the chili I was going to fix for Halloween.
It's kinda funny...Timm went to check out HavaBBQ this year (February), really got the BBQ bug and was telling me about these Utah boys with a smoker with hatchets for handles and how cool he thought it was.  Now, we're friends with them (and many other BBQ folk) and as of this week, are the owners of that smoker.  Guess it was meant to be.  We are looking forward to many events and years of enjoyment with this smoker. 

Trailhound Takes Their First Walk

The weather was beautiful, the facility was great, and the folks were the best...and we got our first walk.  It was one terrific day for sure.  We were pleased to be part of the 1st Cedar City Backyard Cook-Off.  It was part of the Livestock and Heritage Festival this year.  Bert and his crew did an outstanding job organizing and running this event. 
Timm did an outstanding job and took 2nd place in ribs, 6 in chicken and 3rd overall!  I am so proud of him!  My parents and brother were there to support his efforts, along with both boys and myself.  Just wish Christy could've been there and the whole picture would be complete.  Chris even took the day off work to be there.
Timm was biting at the bit to get back out and compete again.  It's been too long.  He was really looking forward to this one since he was getting a new smoker (well, experienced smoker).  He is now the proud owner of an East Texas Smoker RK250.  He bought it from Rod Livingston of R&R BBQ...and he delivered it to the competition so Timm could use it that day.   It's been a great smoker for them, and they've been quite successful with it. 
I didn't end up cooking with Timm, instead I kept my distance and judged the entries.  Man, that is a great gig!  You get to taste test everyone's cooking.  My dad and mom also acted as judges, they had a blast.
It was a small event, not yet sanctioned (but next year it will be).  Scott competed beside his dad under his name, Diesel Smoke BBQ.  This was a whole new experience for him.  Not too shabby, 8th in chicken and 5th in ribs, 8th overall.  We're proud of his efforts as well.   He was one tired guy though, running on 2-3 hours of sleep. 
We are looking forward to putting this event on the calendar for next year.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday is a big day

It's a big day for us tomorrow.  First of all, we're cooking in a BBQ contest in Cedar City, Utah...good on both parts for sure.  Second....we pick up our new BBQ smoker!  The R&R boys are bringing it down with them to the contest, we'll be cooking on it and then get to take it home!  Can't wait!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harvest Thyme BBQ

After many requests, we decided to have another BBQ here at the house.  Come on by Saturday, Nov. 13 @ 2pm for a lip smacking meal full of BBQ goodness. 
Putting such a feast is no small effort...or cost so once again, we are accepting donations to help cover expenses.  We'd love for you to come by, even if you can't donate.  Just let us know your'e coming so we know how many to prepare for. 
Last time folks ate like there's no tomorrow and we are expecting the come hungry. 
Click on the flyer for all the info. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cedar Cook-Off Update

WooHoo!!!  I'm going to Cedar for the BBQ competition.  I'm so excited.  I backed out of the scheduled show and booked into another one instead. 
Scott is also cooking on his own this time around.  Diesel Smoke BBQ will be premiering at this event.  We'll all be there together but he's submitting his own entry. 
Timm is picking up his new pit there...and cooking on it as well.  It's a big day all around for everyone!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cook-Off in Cedar City, UT

All the guys are heading to Cedar City on October 29th for a BBQ Cook-Off at the Livestock and Heritage Festival.  Even my dad is going...I think he's pretty excited about it.  Bummed I'm not going but I have the CSN Fall Fun Fest that weekend.  They'll be picking up and cooking on our new pit so it will be an exciting and interesting experience for all of them.  It should be a great time for all.