Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Adventure, New Blog...

What have we been up to lately...besides yard work? Building a BBQ pit, well my hubby and youngest son have been building one. It's awesome! Timm came up with the idea and Chris did the welding on the project. We've tried it once, but we are having a big BBQ with our families to really test it this weekend.

Timm want to compete in BBQ competitions. Looks like we may be out to our first one in a month or so. I've got jitters but he doesn't. I'm thinking it will be fun, hard work, and costly...but isn't anything that's worth a hoot. I'm thinkin' we can cook a lot of pig on this monster of BBQ pit (Timm is 6'3") and make some money at some events too.

So anyway, you can check it all out and follow us at our new blog You can also follow us on Facebook. Please become a fan of Trailhound Smokers BBQ.

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