Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's HOT!

Summer has officially arrived in Las Vegas.  On Saturday, Timm cooked up 100 pounds of beef and pork for a co-worker's daughter's graduation party.  Our atomic clock read 113 in the shade at one point...I hope it wasn't entirely didn't feel quite that hot.  It's not really made for the outdoors so I hope it was just having a fit. 
Anyway, the meat turned out great.  Co-worker sent the Grandpas over to help pull it and take it home...big help.  We showered and cleaned up and went to enjoy the party.  There were lots of compliments on the meat, even from folks we didin't know. The grad thanked us several times. 

Hey, I just thought about it...this is our first catering job!  lol

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