Sunday, February 27, 2011

HavaBBQ 2011...Part One

We had a great weekend that started by taking off on Thursday afternoon.  We realized we wouldn't make early check-in but we would be there first thing Friday morning.  We met up of friends from R&R, McFrankenboo, and IAB30 at Barley's, wanted something to eat but the kitchen closed at 9pm.  Toto, we're not in Las Vegas anymore.  lol  We ended up at Denny's. 
Early check in got off to a slightly late start but we found our spot and set up quickly.  The event was held at a great location at a park right on the water.  Grass area was level and easy to get into.  There were ten teams from Nevada and 4 of them were on our row. 
Friday was really enjoyable and relaxed.  We visited with other teams, met new people, Timm enjoys talking with people about BBQ and the axe handles on the pit are great conversation starters. 
We even hooked up with one of Crystal's craft friends, Kathy and her hubby, David that moved to Havasu a few years ago.  We enjoyed the music of Chuck E Bumps for a while as well.  The boys drove in after work Friday night to help with this event.  We really enjoyed having them there and the extra hands were welcomed.  We did manage to get a couple of hours sleep before starting about 3am. 

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