Monday, May 30, 2011

Top Ten Finish for Trailhound Smokers

It was another great weekend for us.  First of all, it was close to home, just 30 miles to Boulder City.  Second, temperatures were delightful.  Chris and Scott were both able to come help and participate.  We had great neighbors on either side of us...thanks for feeding Timm on Friday by the way.  We enjoyed a great dinner at Sin City Smokers site with many of the other teams.  Friendships with other teams continue to grow.  Hey, we finally met Hoochie-Q...what a great guy, along with his family.

Our cook turned out really well.  We really thought we nailed the chicken, but apparently so did many other teams.  On a great note, we brought our ribs way up in the scores from last week. 

Friends and family came out to visit and support us...thanks Mom and Dad, Nelson, Bill, Eric and kids, Kim, Craig and Cindy, Ron and his wife as well. Thanks to Kim for running interferance for me on the way to turn ins. Winds really picked up Saturday afternoon, thankfully they waited until after turn-ins for the most part. Unfortunately, my camera battery died so there aren't many pictures.  I'll need to snag some from my dad. 

There are several new teams, along with seasoned veterans of the bbq circuit.  When it was time for awards it was cool to hear new names in the line up next to big names.    Congrats to the local teams to got to walk to the stage including Satisfied Hogs (we'll be seeing you in Williams!), BBQ Junkies, Tobias Pigs, The Smokin' B.A.R., Squat & Gobble, Pork Butt Pirates, Great Basin Cooking Company, Floyd's Q School, Smokin' in Mesquite, BBQ Nerds, and Sin City was pretty cool to hear our name as well, not to mention the cheering squad of Whiskey Ranch, Smoked to the Bone and Rythym & Que and the other side of the crowd.  Y'all really know how to make us feel special.  (blush).

Congrats to all the teams that competed.  We were pleased with our finishes...
Chicken    12th
Ribs            5th
Pork           9th
Brisket      17th
Overall      10th

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