Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Big Harvest BBQ of 2011

Although it was a cloudy, kinda chilly November day, a ton of friends and family came out for the barbeque.  We were prepared for it though,  there were 3 propane heaters and 2 fires to gather together around and socialize.  Prayers were answered with some sunshine in the afternoon.
Timm, the boys, and my dad started prepping the whole hog about 1:00am.  This was our first one and it went faster and smoother than expected.  Chris was funny with the whole CSI investigation analysis bit during the process. 
The hog was injected with almost 2 gallons of a vinegar based blend of ingredients, a blend of spices was generously applied and then she was wrapped up in foil and placed in the pit for the next 8-10 hours to cook up to a delicious piece of heaven.
Chris helped get the firebox ready.
Scott stayed up to watch the pit (since he works a graveyard shift anyway).
Both pits were cruising right along all day with no issues.
This makes Timm one happy pitmaster.
 Scott and Chris were in charge of chicken...all 40 pounds of it.   
You gotta have ribs (18 racks of them) and brisket at the BBQ too.
Oh...I know you wanna know about the pig...
 It turned out to be a gorgeous color, well cooked, and oh so tasty piece of work that everyone couldn't get enough of.  Timm served it right off the pit and people were facinated by the whole process.
 The boys did an awesome job making sure the meat was cut, put into pans for serving and kept warm in the Cambro.  Tasty sides were also on the menu, including homemade baked beans, cole slaw, pasta salad, tuna salad, tater salad and more.
  Here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy. 
We would like to especially thank Shawn from Advanced Pro for sponsoring the whole hog for the this event and once again to Shawn, and Eric with Mold Sniffers Evironmental for sponsoring and attending the Myron Mixon BBQ class in Georgia with Timm in September.  You guys are awesome!  Thanks also goes out to my family...all the help and support you all help with is amazing.  We love you.  Thanks to all of the folks that came out for the afternoon, amazing large amounts of BBQ, spent time together laughing and enjoying each other's company.  We hope all of you enjoyed the take home boxes and we'll see you all in the spring.

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