Monday, April 16, 2012

ACM BBQ Throwdown at Mandalay Bay

One hundred twelve teams came to Vegas to compete for $50,000 at the Academy of Country Music BBQ Throwdown the laste weekend of March.  They energy was high, everyone had a a good time, and the winds never did kick up like they were predicted to be.
We took out the new BBQ trailer and the toyhauler on Thursday to set up.  I'm glad Timm bought extra space for us...we were all packed in like sardines.  We had plenty of space and were able to set up without overlapping the two trailers.  The new trailer worked well just like the debut weekend prior in Mesa.  It's very efficient. 
Many of the Nevada BBQ Association teams were there competing, inlcuding Voodoo Zombieque.  They were having fun with their space.  They drew chalk outlines of people, pig, cow, and chickens infont of their space like a crime scene...awesome.  Congrats to them too...they got a top twenty call and won some moola!
Steve and Shirley of Sin City Smokers were there too.  They always set up a cool space with their flags, pig, and more.  Shirley does an awesome job with t-shirt sales.  Congrats to Steve...two, count them, two top twenty calls!
This time around I tried to get pictures with other teams, people, etc.  It seems that often we only end up with photos of turn in boxes.  Here's Timm with Kathy (Best Dam BBQ coordinator) and Bill from The Smokin' B.A.R.  They were our neighbors.  BBQ Junkie was right next to them.  We also met a few new local teams including We Love Racks, Smokin' O's and Black Hole BBQ.  Leon with Squat and Gobble judged this event. 
Before awards, we got to see Gloriana perform.  That was cool.  Aparently, the blonde gal isn't part of the band anymore. 
We thought it was going to be a nightmare getting out of there but...we were able to pull both trailers out of there before awards, parked them at the office, and was able to make an easy getaway when all was said and done.
No calls for us this year.  Our best was 26th in brisket, and 33rd in ribs.  The judges were tough, that's for sure.  Congrats to all the teams that made the call.  Congrats to Harry Soo for taking 1st overall and winning the $10,000 big check.

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