Monday, March 18, 2013

BBQ Class with Jen Duncan

Timm and I had the pleasure to take a BBQ class from Jennifer Duncan of Smoked to the Bone over the weekend.  She and her hubby, Tommy (Whiskey Ranch BBQ) came up from Phoenix and taught at Galaxy Outdoor here in Vegas.  
We've had the honor of knowing these two for a while now.  In fact, we met them at our first contest we ever participated in.  They were extremely helpful and kind to our tiny first time team.  They made us feel welcome and helped us tremendously.  
When we all arrived on Friday evening, they had been cooking all day so we could taste several types of meats including brisket, prime rib roast, and even a ham.  Everything was tasty.
This class was geared towards competition so we reviewed all four categories and the began trimming process.  She also explained what we should be looking for.  We learned something new in each category. 
Saturday morning we dove right back in at 6am.  It was a great opportunity for all of us.  We got to be hands on, trying every aspect of the process. 
We cooked on the Kamado Rockets and Jen's Jambo pit.  
Normally, Jen has her assisitant, Chuck to help out on many things.  He was busy with Tommy's grilling class so Timm got to step in throughout the made his day for sure. 
Tommy's class was something I'd like to take as well.  These guys got to do grilling and the food was delicious and overwhelming with the variety they whipped up...from appetizer, main course, pizza, dessert.  You name it, I think they cooked it. 
We learned so much, I can't wait to try my hand at what I learned. It was worth every penny for sure. 
I look forward to their next class I attend.  

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