Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heading for some cooler country

That's right, we are header for higher, cooler country this weekend.  We'll be in Williams AZ for the Northern Arizona BBQ Festival.
Last weekend Timm cooked both days in the record breaking heat.  It was 114 degrees on Saturday and 109 on Sunday.  It's a good thing everyone enjoyed and appreciated their food.  ;)
We are so looking forward to highs in the mid 80's with a low of will be like heaven.  Cassy will enjoy as well.  She'll also enjoy time spent at a lake or two in the area.  It's been a long time since she has had a chance to play in the water like that.  She has a kiddie pool here at home, but she only stands in it. 
We hope to hear a name at awards and bring home a few bucks but just being able to spend time in the Williams area is a winning time for us.  We'll even hit's such a neat place.  

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