Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring BBQ benefiting Operation BBQ Relief

For the last few years we''ve hosted a Spring BBQ at our home, inviting family, friend and co-workers.  This year we were blessed with amazing weather for the event.  The wind stopped, and we enjoyed a warm sunny day.
Our boys came around 11:00 pm to start prepping the pig.  Our friend, Jason also came over to get his hands on some pig prep.   It cooked twelve hours and turned out amazing.  People really get a kick out of it.  
It turned out great! 
My dad is official pig carver.  He loves chatting with ever
yone as they get some delicious pork.
Eighty two people came to enjoy a great BBQ meal and donate for the cause.  No one went home fact, many took home extra food for another meal.
We still have some donations coming in, then we'll be sending a nice donation to Operation BBQ Relief. For those who don't know about them, please go check them out at 
Huge thank yous to all who donated to this worthy cause.  

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