Monday, May 24, 2010

Kick-Off BBQ...part 1

Saturday was a really long day, chilly, windy, and full of family, friends and...BBQ!  A few weeks ago we were trying to figure out how we could raise a few bucks to get us started in our first competition in July...and being in Scouts as long as we were, we said, "Let's throw a BBQ."  It will give friends and family a chance to taste what we're doing and hopefully raise a few bucks to cover expenses and get us down the road a ways.  Planning started then and there, a flyer was created, emailed and passed around, and RSVP started coming in.  Last week, we finalized plans, shopped (and gasped), and stuffed fridges and freezers with all that was needed, tables and chairs were borrowed from work.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of the process during the day.  Look for more pictures in post #2.
Sunday began at 2am, as Timm lit the wood charcoal with his propane torch it looked like fireworks in the night sky. 
Pork butts went on at 2:30am, brisket went on at 7am.  Brisket just put in the pit in this photo, butts have been in for 4 1/2 hours here.   One of the best parts of the day was at 7:30am when Scott showed up.  He called into work and showed up to help out the team.  I know it would have killed him to not be there.
Prepping 10 racks of ribs.  Mark came by early to visit and take care of business.
The Martin men taking care of mass quanitities of meat, checking temperatures, adding water to the pit.
MMMMM...mighty tasty looking pork butt (if I say so myself...I wish this was smell-o-vision)
Bottom rack full of ribs, top rack...brisket, pork was just pulled off.  (It's a thing of
Thirty pounds of chicken legs and thighs.
Scott chopping pork butt, my dad helping out.  My mom broke her ankle in 2 places and foot on vacation a few weeks ago. (She is totally frustrated she can't help out right now.)
One happy Scott with a pan full of chopped pork.
Brisket....look at that smoke ring.  It tasted like heaven.
Pork ribs...just some of many.

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