Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best Dam BBQ

Normally, we'd be out camping and riding our quads but this year we spent Memorial Day weekend checking out the Best Dam BBQ competition in Boulder City on Friday and Saturday.  We had the pleasure of meeting several of the teams we've gotten to know a little on line.  What a great bunch of people. 
I. A.B. 30 (It's Always Beer Thirty) (Phoenix)
R & R BBQ (Salt Lake)
Crystal with Harry Soo
How cool is that?! 
We got to sample some great grub, ate some delightful BBQ from Great Basin Cooking Company (from Logandale) and some wood fired pizza from Whiskey Ranch (Phoenix area). 
Mom, Dad and my brother came out on Saturday morning to check it out.  Scott came out both days with us.  While relaxing in the grass, some people sat down near us with a dog that looked just like was her sister...seriously.  What are the odds of that? 
Oh....we are now certified KCBS judges and can judge at BBQ competitions.  Really, we took it to figure out what judges are looking for, but hey, we might judge too you never know. 
It was a great weekend, weather was perfect, grass was cool, lots of great food, new friends, time with family, and many of the folks we met won in several catagories.  Next time, maybe we'll be making that walk...hopefully.

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