Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trailhound Takes Their First Walk

The weather was beautiful, the facility was great, and the folks were the best...and we got our first walk.  It was one terrific day for sure.  We were pleased to be part of the 1st Cedar City Backyard Cook-Off.  It was part of the Livestock and Heritage Festival this year.  Bert and his crew did an outstanding job organizing and running this event. 
Timm did an outstanding job and took 2nd place in ribs, 6 in chicken and 3rd overall!  I am so proud of him!  My parents and brother were there to support his efforts, along with both boys and myself.  Just wish Christy could've been there and the whole picture would be complete.  Chris even took the day off work to be there.
Timm was biting at the bit to get back out and compete again.  It's been too long.  He was really looking forward to this one since he was getting a new smoker (well, experienced smoker).  He is now the proud owner of an East Texas Smoker RK250.  He bought it from Rod Livingston of R&R BBQ...and he delivered it to the competition so Timm could use it that day.   It's been a great smoker for them, and they've been quite successful with it. 
I didn't end up cooking with Timm, instead I kept my distance and judged the entries.  Man, that is a great gig!  You get to taste test everyone's cooking.  My dad and mom also acted as judges, they had a blast.
It was a small event, not yet sanctioned (but next year it will be).  Scott competed beside his dad under his name, Diesel Smoke BBQ.  This was a whole new experience for him.  Not too shabby, 8th in chicken and 5th in ribs, 8th overall.  We're proud of his efforts as well.   He was one tired guy though, running on 2-3 hours of sleep. 
We are looking forward to putting this event on the calendar for next year.

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