Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chester's Harley Davidson BBQ Comp

Boy, I totally missed the posting for this event.  We were blessed to be able to attend this event in Mesa in March.  Tommy and Jen run a class act event for sure.  This was one of their dual events they are holding this year. 
There was a lot going on that weekend for us, well me.  I tend to over do it sometimes.  There was a craft show, a wedding, and the contest.  I just didn't see a way to be able to drive with Timm on Friday so I flew down that evening after completing flowers for Saturday's wedding.  I really need to thank my best friend, Diane for helping out with this one.  She went and set it all up for me on Saturday, picked up my stuff from the craft show and had a mini melt down so I could BBQ.  I love her. 
This event was tied in with Biker Week.  Bands were playing most of the day and into the night...really loud bands.  We were backed up to the street where most of the bikes were parked, so we got to listen to them leave about midnight.  This was not our favorite part by any means.
It was the first outing for the new BBQ trailer and we were so pleased.  It's efficient, roomy, and clean up and tear down is so much easier.  It towed really well too.
We didn't finish as high in the standings as we'd like but we did okay, we weren't last.  Saturday's awards brought us 13th overall, 17th in chicken, 18th in ribs, 14th in pork, and 7th in brisket.  Sunday, we earned 20th overall, 9th in chicken, 22nd in ribs, 16 in pork, and 19th in brisket.  Timm was dissapointed. 
Congrats to R&R BBQ!  They took RGC on Sunday!  They even took 1st in chicken both days. They did well that weekend. And although Little Miss BBQ didn't back up their two recent RGCs and GC, they did well too.  I think Bekke's pregnancy is a good luck charm.  ;0)
Rythm & Que and Pigskin BBQ were our neighbors this time around.  Both really good teams.  Vince and Alexa were a hit at the awards, wearing one of the vendor's helmets.  Alexa wore a raccoon with fangs and antelope antlers.  Vince wore a huge buffalo fur, massive horned helmet...good thing he's a big guy.   

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