Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sam's Club National BBQ Tour

A couple of weekends ago, we gathered at one of our local Sam's Club locations to be part of the National BBQ Tour along with 17 other teams.  This was the event for Nevada.  I'm pleased to say that 12 of the 18 teams were from Nevada, and 4 of them were participating in their first competition. 
Along with the KCBS BBQ competition, they are running Tyson's Best Wing on the Planet contest.  Originally, only 4 teams had entered, but after the cook's meeting we and a few others also signed up. I thought, what the heck, it's free to participate.  That nigh, I stopped and bought some chicken wings.  I tossed together some ingredients into a ziplock bag, cooked up my wings, tossed them in some additional flavoring, put them in the box and turned them in.  I am pleased to say, they took 2nd place!  I even got an oversized check to prove it. lol
Timm was right on top of things, keeping me on track when it comes to timing. We were blessed to have Scott with us on Saturday.  Now that he's back to a normal schedule we hope to see more of him at contests.  We changed up a few a contest is a not a place to do that by the way...but we did, figuring we didn't have much to lose.  Apparently, they were good changes because we had a first for us...we got all four  meats in the top ten!  Our results were as follows:
chicken - 9th
ribs - 6th
pork - 8th
brisket - 3rd
overall - 6th
WooHoo!  Sixth place is good enough to move onto round two in Albequerque, NM in mid-May!!
Congrats to all the teams!  Nevada made a great showing, even some new teams got a call.  Sin City Smokers finished in 5th place, so two Nevada teams will be represented in round two.  Congrats to Brandon of Route 66 Catering Crew for taking GC.  Troy Black runs a tight ship, keeping things on schedule, making awards and cook meetings short and to the point.  We appreciate that.  
We had said quite some time ago that if we made top 6 we would decline the opportunity to move on to round 2...but when it really happened we were overwhelmed and excited to go.  Now reality has hit us and there is so much to do and prepare before we drive the 600 miles to New Mexico.  We leave in 10 short days.  Wish us luck, it will be an adventure and experience for sure. 

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