Thursday, July 5, 2012

Northern Ariozona BBQ Festival

Mid-June we headed south to Williams, AZ for what was our first contest in 2010.  It's such a great place...small town America...nostalgia and all that stuff. 
The town of Williams put in lots of work before we all arrived.  They paved the rest of the area, added electrical outlets, water, and a stage.  It looked great and served us all well.  It was nice to get water close to our site. 
Our neighbors were another Nevada team...ZomBQue.  I love those guys.  Oh, and Richard got himself a nice new (well almost new) Ford F-350....soooo pretty.   
Cassy was the most awesome mascot ever.  She is so well behaved, and always impresses.  About 5am she was looking for a soft place to sleep and tried to curl up on the end of my sleeping bag.  I felt bad and invited her onto the whole sleeping bag with me.  She quickly accepted and got comfy quick.
Little Miss BBQ (Scott and Bekke) brought Vivian to her first contest.  Seriously, I don't know how they had a chance to cook with all the attention she got.  They were golden that weekend, with 2 first place, a third place, and grand champion overall....and won the raffle for a free space next year.  Rythm-n-Que took RGC.  Our best call was 5th in chicken.  We finished 12th overall. 
We stayed Saturday night in a KOA Kamping Kabin a few miles outside of Williams.  It was kinda cool, and I enjoyed it.  Cassy slept on the bottom bunk on our towels and was so happy to be there.  I enjoyed the swing on the front porch, it was quite relaxing and quiet.  The stars were gorgous and the crickets snag us to sleep.

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